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    CCG3 with USB2.0 HUB


      I looking to implement a charging UFP for a docking implementation to a tablet. The design will allow keyboard/mouse to be connected to the tablet through a USB 2.0 HUB. I am currently looking at the CCG3 family of PD controllers(specifically CYPD3123), and  HX3 family USB Hub (specifically CYUSB2304). The USB PD controller will be on of the upstream port of the hub. I was hoping to get some information on the CTD reference design, that I am looking to follow.  We do not intend for it to have a second Type-C connector, and our only power source is 12VDC, so we are looking to only support 5V@3A.   I assume this all can be easily updated via the EZPD- configuration utility.  Will I run into any issues removing the parts of that design I don't need like the CYPD2122, for example will CYPD3123 still function if it cannot talk to the CYPD2122?