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    CE210291_CapSense_P4_One_Button01, bug with fast scan mode at Start/Reset?




      I think there is a little bug in the program example: "CE210291_CapSense_P4_One_Button01.cywrk", but still now I'm not able to fix it :-(


      The problem is, that after every start or reset, the Programm needs around 20 seconds to change to the Fast-Scan-Mode.

      And if I touch a button from the beginning one (start or reset) the Programm stays forever in Slow-Scan-Mode and not change to the Fast-Scan-Mode.


      How can I fix that?


      See attached example-Code, I have added LED, Port 2(5) output, named as "interrupt" to see if scan is finished or not.

      If blue LED (evakit 4045) is blinking very fast - the Program is in Fast-Mode.


      BTW: What is the fastest scan-time we can get with PSoC4000S ? Is it 20mS? (because until now I was not able to tune it faster)


      thank you