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    Timer + ISR hangs M4


      I created a project for the CY8CKIT-062-BLE evaluation board.  I want to get a timer running that generates interrupts at 43.2 kHz on the M4 core.  The attached project has a simple main for loop that flashes the Red LED at 1 Hz but it hangs (the red LED does not blink so it's maybe stuck in the ISR) when I run it - the M0+ is running just fine.


      I tried to debug but the debugger crashed.


      Project attached


      Can anyone see what's wrong?



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          It is just because you do not clear current active interrupt in timer ISR. Please add below line at beginning of Timer1_Isr():

          Cy_TCPWM_ClearInterrupt(Timer1_HW, Timer1_CNT_NUM,CY_TCPWM_INT_ON_TC);


          In addition, the indicating LED used in Timer1_Isr() is not hard-wired on 062-kit board, you can use RED_LED (p0_3) instead;

          SMIF function reports building error, so you need configure the SMIF with referring SMIF code example or using SMIF configuration tool.

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            I could not find a reference to Cy_TCPWM_ClearInterrupt() API in the PDL description for TCPWM. What am I missing?



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              Thanks so much - that was the issue, I was forgetting that it was Timer1 that was causing the interrupt and I needed to clear the Timer1 interrupt flag or I'd be stuck in the ISR forever - one thing that was throwing me was that I didn't see P7.7 going high but that was because it isn't connected on the eval PCB.


              As you can see, I haven't got into setting up the SMIF yet but I have tested another project that runs SMIF on the same pins to talk to the on-board flash memory chip and it seems to work fine (I get no compile errors).


              I have designed and am making up, a PCB that the CY8CKIT-062-BLE board plugs into and P7.7 is wired to drive an LED on that external PCB - now I see that you're right that my signal doesn't actually come out of J18 pin 1 as R87 isn't populated on the 062-BLE board - given I don't want to use the CAPSENSE stuff I will populate R87 and move on but where is the documentation that tells me what other pins are not connected on the headers?