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    FX3 USB-IF TID for Windows Hardware Lab Kit tests and driver signing

      Hi all,


      We are trying to release a USB device that uses the Cypress FX3 component for Windows 10. In order add our company vendor id and our own product id we have rebuilt the driver, and are now trying to get it signed by Microsoft.


      In order to get it signed, it needs to pass a series of tests using Windowd Hardware Lab Kit. One of these tests (USB-IF Certification Validation Test) tries to verify USB-IF compliance. This tests requires a USB-IF Test ID.


      I'd think the FX3 is already USB-IF compliant and by extension so is our product. Can we use the FX3 USB-IF Test ID, and if so, where can I find this id?

      Or are we required to obtain our own ID by following the compliance program?