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    In PSOC Creator Debugging mode, is there a way to monitor the status of GPIO? Or the Port Registers, such as "Pin State" as defined in the pin header file?


      I have searched all over and cannot find a solid answer to this question. For example, using PSOC5LP and programming with PSOC Creator 4.0, when I enter debugging mode is there a way to watch the status of an input or output pin. For that matter, is there a way to watch the main port registers as defined in the pin header file. Assume an output pin is named "SO". The SO.h file contains a list of registers, such as Pin State, Data Register, etc. Is there a way to watch these values during debugging?


      My current method is to simply Read the pin and update a global variable, but it seems like there should be a better way to do this. I am used to Code Composer Studio where you can look at all the port settings via drop-down menus and toggle GPIO values.