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    How to make a combined USB device (no HID + USBUART)?


      I found some example for HID + USBUART.

      However in my case, i want keep my custom device and add this USBUART.


      Currently i have a full project (if i need share somethings), i need to clean the project and port it into CY8CKIT-059 with the minimum.

      In my full projet:

      - Windows dectect only  my custom device (the USBUART isn't detected).

      - However, if i install driver manually by the device manager panel: i can make an usbuart but my custom usb device disappears...

      So currently, both in same time into the device manager panel seems not possible.


      It's probably feasible, because it's the case of a KitProg : programmer + usbuart

      [NOTE]in my case the programmer will be my custom device

      So what is wrong in my application?

      -my *.inf for custom device

      -my usbfs config (IAD or an others tricks)