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    CyUSB3 : Cypress VID/PID allowed in third party INF ?

      I went through the driver resell process for cyusb3 for win10, and it appears to be installing and working.  Excellent, thank you.   However, the modified driver package that I submitted only included our company's USB devices (VID/PIDs).   I would like to also add a default Cypress VID/PID to our INF so that we can easily program new/blank boards we receive.  From the CyUSB.pdf this seems perfectly fine ?   I wanted to check before submitting another modified package on the microsoft hw dashboard.


      Specific questions:

      1. Are third parties allowed to add Cypress VID/PIDs to their driver package for resell ?

      2. If I can add Cypress VID/PIDs  (or if I need to add our own new VID/PID), do I need to submit this new INF to cypress  or can I just upload another modified driver package to the dashboard (same as initial one)?

      2.a.  If I need to submit an INF to cypress first, how would I go about doing that now that technical cases are gone ?