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    CX3 can't get the data from the OV12895(12M sensor)

           Hello, I try to connect the OV12895 to the CX3(denebola), there are many issues. I make a daughter board to connect the sensor and the CX3, and I can get the 800*480@15fps raw10 data, and the csi-2 clock is 552Mhz, so i think my daughter was work well.

           Then i make the csi clock to 138Mhz, and try to get 4096*3072@1fps image, but failed. I uncomment the CX3_ERROR_THREAD_ENABLE and print the error code per 5 secs, I can get some info.

      frmErrCnt;          /**< Framing Error Count*/

      crcErrCnt;          /**< CRC Error Count*/

      mdlErrCnt;          /**< Multi-Data Lane Sync Byte Error Count*/

      ctlErrCnt;          /**< Control Error (Incorrect Line State Sequence) Count*/

      eidErrCnt;          /**< Unsupported Packet ID Error Count */

      recrErrCnt;         /**< Recoverable Packet Header Error Count*/

      unrcErrCnt;         /**< Unrecoverable Packet Header Error Count*/

      recSyncErrCnt;      /**< Recoverable Sync Byte Error Count*/

      unrSyncErrCnt;      /**< Unrecoverable Sync Byte Error Count*/





      I don't know what is it actually mean, and how can I fix it .

      my configure:

      CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t OV12895_RAW10 =
          CY_U3P_CSI_DF_RAW10,  /* CyU3PMipicsiDataFormat_t dataFormat */
          4,                          /* uint8_t numDataLanes */
          3,          /* uint8_t pllPrd */
          139,        /* uint16_t pllFbd */
          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_FRS_500_1000M, /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkFrs_t pllFrs */
          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_8, /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t csiRxClkDiv */
          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_8, /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t parClkDiv */
          0x0606,                 /* uint16_t mClkCtl */
          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_8, /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t mClkRefDiv */
          4096,         /* uint16_t hResolution */
          0                         /* uint16_t fifoDelay */

      and I can capture the MIPI wave, but the DMA callback never called.