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    Bluetooth Mesh, provisioned device change into unprovisioned



           I'm using board 'CYW920735WCDEVAL' and WICED-Studio 6.2, project mesh_onoff_server .


           When I download firmware into 20735 without holding 'RECOVER button'(SW3), after provision using demo apk, I reset device and the device became unprovisioned.


           I add some debug code and find it's because device can't read nvram vs_id 0x3fe1 which is 'wiced_bt_mesh_core_nvm_idx_node_data' stores node info.


           I add debug code in "mesh_app_timer" to read 0x3fe1 in every two seconds. It seems after provision and config,  read result is 0x1fad which means error.

           If I reset device, device can't read 0x3fe1 and become unprovisioned. In this case, if I provision again using demo apk, then device will be ok no matter how many      times I reset it.


           It happens every time when I download firmware without holding 'RECOVER button'(SW3).


           If I download firmware into 20735 with holding 'RECOVER button'(SW3), the problem won't happen.


           It's weird.


           Attachment is the log I captured.

           In line 61, provision end,

           In line 64, timer read 0x3fe1 fail.

           In line 117, I reset device.

           In line 131, unprovisioned