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    undefined reference to `blecm_set_static_random_bd_addr'




      I'm newbie to wiced-smart platform.

      Now I'm trying to make my device having a static random BD_ADDRESS, and read

      Re: Static random device address

      and already understood the mechanisms of wiced's static random address creation process.

      But, when I insert following two lines in my _create() function


        UINT8 bd_addr[6];



      with inserting following one line in top of my source code


        #include "blecm_set_static_bd_addr.h"


      and build, make says:

        undefined reference to `blecm_set_static_random_bd_addr'


      Is this function already deprecated?

      If so, what is the name of the new alternative function?








      An update.


      Adding one line into my makefile.mk in the last line resolved build issue.


      APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += bd_addr_control.a

      But again, the device just becomes FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (because I appended BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=ffffffffffff), and the Address Type bit is still set as Public (by looking at a sniffer provided by nordic).

      Any one have a suggestion?




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