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    I intend to create a bootloader and application project. This is working fine on my side. What I want is creating a network layer in application (read description)

      1. I am using serial port for getting hex file and then writing it on external flash.
      2. Bootloader contains software for updating the application after reading from external flash and writing on internal flash.
      3. Bootloader, application and update is working perfectly fine.


      New requirement:


      Now I want to divide the application section further.


      Bootloader | Network (BLE stack) | Application


      BLE stack takes a lot of space and every-time there is an update on application updating the BLE stack seems irrelevant & time consuming. Benefit of this approach is

      1. If there is a change in application we only upgrade application flash.
      2. If there is change in BLE stack we only upgrade Network flash.
      3. If there is change in both We update both.


      What I am mentioning was easily implemented in ST & other controllers because we used to jump between applications using function pointers. My question is :

      • How can I do same in Cypress ?