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    AN 66477 Multi Thermistor connected in parallel


      Hi There


      I am intending to implement a 5 thermistor meassuremet system and current measuremet system in the same project but no dependent from the thermistor one.

      For thermistor I done the schematic based on AN 66477.

      The code for the 5 thermistor  compile well and I able to do measurements with those 5 thermistor.

      Whent I add  some more components for current measuremnt the code does not compile  indicating that Psoc Creator can't fin routing solution

      So my question is how can I set the 15 thermistor pins only over AMUXBUS so that leave free the AnaloGlobals for routing the other component.


      I watched the Mark Hastings' four videos about analog editor and he said that is posible to connect  almost all pins to AMUXBUS.

      I look for asnwer here an other Psoc forum but ther is no similar question or concret answer.

      Please see attached project.

      Thanks for some help.