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    AMQP Azure : receiver and sender functions.



      I'm currently working with Azure Iot hub and amqp v1.0 protocol on Wiced 6.1.

      I have two questions concerning emission and reception frames.


      1 - When I send a message I obtain special characters on Azure even if the message is empty (see below) :


      (#define AMQP_MESSAGE_STR                "HELLO WICED")

      One special character if the frameis empty = #define AMQP_MESSAGE_STR                ""

      two special characters if the frame is not empty (with a json frame) =  #define AMQP_MESSAGE_STR                "Json frame"



      what should I do to remove them ?


      2 - When I receive a message but it is an empty frame (I added some modifications to use the demo with a receiver link):

      WICED_AMQP_EVENT_TRANSFER_RCVD works but data is empty.


      Can you help me ?