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    Interrupt to set flag, cann't see flag changed

      I am making an project where I would implement a start button.

      My plan was to initialize everything and the enter a while loop waiting until the button was press with code like this:



      bool START=false;



      Init all



      { }




      And then having a interrupt changing START=true; 


      The problem is I can see the interrupt routine is called, but the program doesn't leave the while loop.
      I have tried to turn on a LED in the interrupt routine and the read the output pin afterward but that doesn't work either.


      I have isolated the problem to this archive, where i have placed an LED in port 1[7] to GND and uses Port 15[5] as button by pulling it low.

      pressing the button should turn on the LED.


      Any working solution for a button will be appriciated, but a fix or reason to the problem would be nice too