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    Unable to get SSIDs with STM412

      Using a STM412 Discovery EVK connected to a Murata 4343W EKV through the SD card slot, we are unable to get SSID's. Logs for the same code base used on WWCD1 Wiced kit, and the STM412 kit are attached. MAC address and other IO comms are coming through after a successful firmware download. Would appreciate if anyone has any feedback or guidance to what the issue could be. WiFi Host wake and WIFI_REG_ON is externally connected between kits.

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          I don't have much idea about the set-up you are using to check the scan results, But by looking at your log, it seems like STM412 is not generating or providing the proper HW tag when IOCTL response is received. It does not occur to me there is an issue with the WWD layer response packets but more likely an issue with the interfacing part of your system (like who is providing the hwtag).

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            We are using the snip.scan application that comes with Wiced studio 5.0.1. Who provides the hwtag? We assumed that comes from BCM4343W after a successful firmware flash which we do have.


            Are there are any other connectivity, clock configuration, DMA configuration, etc. that could result in a successful firmware flash, MAC address but no SSIDs?

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              Firmware flashing is successful as evident from the logs you have provided. But the log you provided did not look particularly like a WICED platform setup. I need to understand the way your system is set-up, the connection between host and radio and then try to understand how the hwtag is provided and by whom (which seems to be where it is going wrong). Please provide a rough connection diagram or schematic to help us understand your setup better.

              Some general questions (which you already might have taken care):

              Did you configure the OOB interrupt pin? Are you providing the clock required by LPO?