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    Continuous sampling and data transfer using DMA and USBFS

      Hello everyone,


      I started this discussion because I have a question regarding the timings between:

      - ADC to memory, using DMA;

      - PSoC to computer using USBFS.


      The way I want to approach this is: (using 100 2-bytes samples as an example)

      1 - ADC sample to memory1, using DMA

      2 - Copy those samples from memory1 to memory2

      3 - ADC sample to memory1, using DMA & USBFS transfers from memory2 to PC

      4 - repeat step 2 to 4 until desired number of samples is acquired.


      Is this possible with the PSoC?

      I'm struggling with:

      - is the process of copying memory1 to memory2 fast enough that I don't loose data?

      - how can I pause the DMA for the copy from memory1 to memory2 to happen?


      Thank you for your help