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    WICED Studio error message






      I downloaded and installed WICED-Studio.

      All options are set by default.

      I have not inserted code.

      However, as shown in the first figure, the following error occurs.

      Please tell me the reason why the error occurred.

      If it is not normal, please tell me how to do it.











      I read this tutorial.

      I double-clicked "Run snip.scan.BCM943364WCD1 Download".

      It has been marked as compiled successfully.

      However, it will not work properly because it will turn red on the actual board.

      When connecting with PUTTY, the following messages are not displayed to the end.

      I did not enter the code.


      For reference, the SDK has been tested in all versions 5 and 6, but the symptoms are the same.




      I'm sorry I can not speak English well.