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    use of string.h functions results in a HardFault



      I want to use a memcpy in the platform librairy "platform_spi_slave", the code compile but I get a hardfault on memcpy when running, the following note appears:


      Can't find a source file at "c:\\pf8_3\\Wiced-Tool-Source\\ARM_GNU\\newlib-build\\arm-none-eabi\\thumb\\v7m\\newlib\\libc\\machine\\arm/../../../../../../../../newlib-2.0.0/newlib/libc/machine/arm/../../string/memcpy.c"

      Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.


      "platform_uart.c" which is in the same forlder (WICED-SDK\WICED\platform\MCU\STM32F2xx\peripherals) contains a memcpy, so why can't I use a memcpy in "platform_spi_slave"?


      I use an ISM43362_M3G_L44 from Inventek and the last SDK 3.1.2.


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