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    Signal Connections on MiniProg3 interface:  Is anything connected to Pin 6 and 8 inside programmer?


      I use a KitProg2 and KitProg3 programmers to program BLE modules, and that BLE capsense mouse:   The programming hardware connector on the end device (mouse or BLE module has this connection)



      My Question is:   Is there any signals connected to pin 6 and pin 8 inside the programmer?   I want to tie my Debug UART_RX and UART_TX back to these pins on my end application hardware so I have a one connector interface (my target hardware is potted for industrial use so I only want one connector)   I can not find any documentation on the MiniProg3 at the hardware circuit level.   just user manuals on how to configure an use the programmer.   I dont want to sizzle the programmer or sizzle my end hardware if I tied the uart back to pin6 and pin8.