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    RE: Pairing two BLE devices to one phone.



      My original post got locked and marked as answered, even though it is not solved.
      Link to the original post:


      Pairing two BLE devices to one phone.


      The problem is still there even if we set different device addresses using function:

      void wiced_bt_set_local_bdaddr( wiced_bt_device_address_t  bd_addr );


      As mentioned in the post, this issue is only while using BLE. For BLE we are also using random address refreshing.

      Apparently there is something very similar in the pairing data, that makes the iOS consider these devices same and/or somehow rejects the pairing data.


      Is the address the only parameter that is used for pairing data? Or is there something else that is part of the pairing data?


      At the moment we limit the user to use only one of our devices with one phone, however we would like to be able to have multiple devices connected to one phone.



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          Hi Erik,


          1. Do you see the same issues with the ble_hello_sensor sample application? (one of the devices will need to have the BD_ADDR set using wiced_bt_set_local_bdaddr)

          2. Does the issue go away when you turn off BLE privacy? (again, use wiced_bt_set_local_bdaddr so that the BD_ADDRs are not the same)

          3. Have you tested using a recent SDK release?



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            Hi Jacob,


            We finally manage to solve this issue. Turns out that our custom Make file was unzipping the wrong WICED version (3.7.0 no 3.7.0-7). So it seems that the issue is present in the older WICED version but not in the newest from 3.7.0


            We will try to confirm if this fixes other of our issues.