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    Cloud Database Support

      Hello All,


      we are working on one home automation project.

      We use WICED SDK 3.5.2


      I have some question :

      1> Have any WICED SDK support firebase database so make get and post request

      2> if First option not available so any other cloud database support by WICED SDK and which SDK support it.






      Chintan Patel

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          I have been looking at getting access to a firebase system as well, but since it has just been for my own interest, I have not made much progress.


          I was looking into connecting to the Nest services, I have been able to make simple REST requests and get some data back. I was looking at getting the REST Streaming up and running but I have not had much time working on this. I noticed that Nest states:


          "You may want to use REST if your preferred development environment or programming language has no compatible helper library and does not support WebSockets."


          So it might be possible to connect to a Firebase database using a web socket, but again, I have not had the time to look any further into this

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            Now we work on web socket for checking firebase cloud database.

            Here we are getting issue of :

            Web socket connection error


            In code we use:


            #define WEBSOCKET_SERVER_IP_STRING        "ws://localhost.firebaseio.test"

            #define WEBSOCKET_PORT                                  5000


            i am not understand why web socket connection error occur.

            Help us.



            chintan patel

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              You can look into restful smart server app  as located in 43xxx_Wi-Fi/apps/demo/bt_internet_gateway/restful_smart_server (BIG RESTful Smart Server Notify/Indicate Features ) which uses REST APIs. I am not really sure when you mean other cloud database.  WICED SDK supports AWS, Azure, IBM Bluemix etc (Posting a Message to Azure IoT Hub )