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    How to write directly at a Flash Memory Address?

      Hello All,


      Im working on CY8CKIT - 044 PSoC 4M-Series Pioneer Kit

      uC Part No. : CY8C4247AZI-M485


      While using the System generated API in CyFlash.c " CySysFlashWriteRow((uint32) rowNum, rowData) "

      I could only write data row wise using 'rowNum' parameter with 'rowData' as a 128Byte data.


      what should I do if I want to do a single byte write operation in Flash Memory at a particular address??

      eg: I wish to write directly at flash Memory location 0x0001ff04, but system generated API lets me write through only through 0x0001ff00. what can be done i wish to write directly at 0x0001ff04 memory location.


      Is there any api where i could just pass the memory address and databyte to be written at that memory location?

      Please help. I have attached snapshots for further ease of you understanding.