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    Getting the components placed on the schematic to display on the customizer interface




      So i'm working on a custom component and wanted to develop a customizer for it, the component is for a external IC that communicates via SPI with the PSoC device.


      So i found this post on the forum, but it's not solved (at least not on the post): Getting a list of components of a specific type to show in the customizer interface


      After reading the Bootloader customizer source i found the section that use the GetBootloaderCommunicationComponents function.


      m_communicationComponentList = new List<string>();


      From the customizer documentation:


      Gets all of the communication components currently placed within the design that can be used by the bootloader for

      communication with the Host. Clients can use register themselves with ICyInstEdit_v1.NotifyWhenDesignUpdates() to be

      notified when the design changes which may be the result of adding or removeing a communications component.



      So my question is:

      Can i get a list of components placed on my schematic without using this function? to after filter and then display all the SPI Master components to display on the custom component cutomizer.



      Carlos Diaz