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    CMSIS library

      Hey everyone,


      I've tried to include CMSIS library to my project with CY8CKIT-062-BLE.

      Can someone explain me how to do this?


      I'm trying some Compiler and linker options in "Project -> Build options..->CM4 ARM GCC 5.4-2016-q2-update " section but all i have are errors..

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          What compiler and linker settings did you change? Did the project build before you made the changes?

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            1) I've added path to "Include" folder in CMSIS library into "General" ('Build settings'->compiler->General. ) tab in compiler options.
            2) I've added macro definition in same window: "'preprocessor definitions' to 'ARM_MATH_CM4".
            3) Afterwards, in "linker" options i've added library (just writed "m" letter in "additional libraries" pole) "linker->general and add 'additional libraries' as 'm'"

            ... and i'm clicking "clean", after that "build" and i have that kind of problem..