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        Dear Cypress,


        Here's another vote for C++.  It makes many things (e.g. importing code from the rest of the world!) much easier.


        Isn't Cypress the least bit embarrassed that the lowly Arduino supports C++?  You guys and your products are generally pretty great, but really!

        • 16. Re: PSoC Creator C++?

          Dear Sirs at Cypress,


          Yes, I vote for C++, too.


          I've written dozens of sensor drivers and sample programs in C++.


          Although I have already ported a few of them into PSoC Creator, it was not a fun work.


          Reinventing the wheel is a waste, but parting with one is, being the politest, misfortune.



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            According to this survey is C more often used as C++. So you should have started with C for your drivers ;-)



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              The survey you mention Bob covers all the programming languages, where the embedded world only uses a subset of them (C#, VB, SQL don't have much sense here).


              Thanks to this survey you can select what type of device you're interested in.


              By selecting "Embedded" only, C++ arrives second, right behind C.

              Arduino arrives third, and one could argue that Arduino is C++ as well.



              Now if we select the "Languages popular on open source hubs", C++ arrives first.



              Furthermore, PSoC Creator 4.1 is already shipped with C AND C++ compilers and it can compile C++ source files with a bit of tweaking as already demonstrated here.


              What is stopping Cypress from implementing C++ support in the PSoC Creator IDE ?

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                C++ for the lads. surely.

                • 20. Re: PSoC Creator C++?

                  I agree, I've asked the FAE's over the years for C++ support. It doesn't appear to be anywhere close to Cypress's radar. For those that argue these parts are too small to support C++, you are wrong. I've deployed 30+ commercial products over the years that all use C++. They are all embedded super loop systems. The smallest system had 256 KB of flash and 32 KB of RAM. Many systems have more resources, but it is all in how you write your code. If you stay away from exception handling, RTII, and massive layers of polymorphism, we have found our C++ code to be more compact and faster than straight C (BIG caveat emptor ***if you are careful with how you write your code***). We did get a simple Hello World C++ program running with a PSoC 5 a few years ago. You have to export your design and use makefiles. Then you have to do a lot of linker magic. I believe we ran into some issue with the configuration of the part and abandoned C++ for C on the PSoC.

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