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    LIN protocol Stand by mode operation:

      Hi All,

                       It will be grateful if you can help me with a clear understanding of LIN stand by mode operation. As per my understanding, Bus Idle situation happens(no LIN traffic for 4-10seconds), or go-to sleep command received from master, the LIN PHY will go for stand-by mode.

      Please help me with the state of LIN PHY, for the below mentioned scenario,

      a) The ECU is powered up and there is no LIN traffic for 4-10seconds after powering up the ECU, what will be state of LIN PHY?   : Normal mode or Standby mode


      b) The ECU is powered up, and at least one LIN frame is transmitted through the bus, and there is no traffic for 4-10seconds,  what will be state of LIN PHY? : Normal mode or Standby mode



      Hope you got the difference between scenario a and b.



      Thanks ,

      Vyshakh J