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    nRF24 Custom Component, now with basic support for PSoC6 devices.




      I have been working on a personal custom component for the nRF24 radios (see it here: github.com/C47D/nRF24_Component), i had the skeleton for PSoC6 support but couldn't test it before. Today i had some free time and fixed (a lot) of errors for PSoC6 devices, right now i'm using the SPI Low Level API, and it appears to be working as expected.


      So test the component if you like, feedback is always welcomed.


      PS: I know High Level API is easier to use but i'm not sure about using interrupts to make this component work, if i do so i should make the appropriate changes on the PSoC4 and 5LP ports, so let me know what do you think, may be adding an option on the customizer to use Low Level or High Level API is a solution.