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    WICED IDE Project Explorer empty




      I installed wiced studio 6.0.

      When you run the IDE, nothing appears on the left side of the Project Explorer.

      When I installed the wiced-sdk 3.0 IDE, I found sample, platform .. in the Project Explorer section.

      In wiced studio 6.0, the development board should be connected to the PC, but is it usable?

      I want to know why nothing appears in the Project Explorer section.

      wiced_studio error.jpg


      It seems that the SDK file is not properly installed.

      There is only tools folder in "d: \ WICED-Studio-6.0 \ SDK \ 43xxx_Wi-Fi" folder.

      Is this correct?

      The folder "d: \ WICED-Studio-6.0 \ SDK" contains only 43xxx_Wi-Fi, common, Doc, Drivers, RemoteSystemTempFiles, test, and wiced_tools folders.


      I have posted this question before, but I do not have an exact answer, so please contact me again.


      Please help me.