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    Ac coupled Non_Inverted amplifier with op amp  1.90


      Hi there, Happy Holidays.


      I would need some help with attached project  because I am not analog designer.


      The point is that I cannot get a aproximately flat range of frequencies  required with a flat gain.


      I need a aproximately flat response from 500 Hz to 10,000 Hz .may be there are other solution I do not Know .


      The facts are these:


      The Gain is set to 4.3 or 12.7 db


      Vin is 55 mv p-p. sinusoide and keeps constant.


      Under 500 hz the behavior is the espected, I mean the gain increase as frecuency increase.


      Over 500 or 600 Hz the gain reach the espected 12,7db but it does increase as frecuency increase to big 


      values, I mean  much more than 12.7 db .


      Near ,6000 or 7,000 hz there is a marked distortion.


      Above  aprox 7000 Hz the gain keeps incresing and also the distortion.


      Based on : GBW = 3 MHZ and G = 4.3  the espected BW should be around +/- 20% of 698 KHZ. but that is not obtained.



      The following table list readings from Rigol DS1102D scope  using the whole sreen amplitud for reading volt values.


      Hz          mv P-P


      300          36  


      1000         96


      3000         275


      6000         622


      6500         1320


      Above these frequencies the waveform is totally distorted and  the V p-p increase up to the rail.

      Thank you very much for any Help.