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    Excessive power consumption on battery?

      I've been doing quite a few measurements on the power consumption of the CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit, and I can't make any real sense of it yet.


      When running the sample Capsense + e-Ink sleep demo the board consumes a minimum of 30mA at all times (more when the MCU and e-Ink actually is awake).


      Powering the board from the Vin pins the minimum is now 35mA and moving on to power the entire board including programmer from the USB-C connector we're right at 100mA.


      The schematics shows some oddities regarding the battery charger hookup. When powered from battery (the J15 connector), the battery charger IC boosts the battery voltage to 5V. A few diodes later and this voltage is shunted back to charger input of the same IC, which seems to trigger charging (which in turn immediately kills the boost regulator and then the charging stops, rinse and repeat). There's a distinct whining from a coil (I suspect L6 but not 100% certain yet) when powering the board this way.


      Anyone else experiencing this? I've been investigating this on and off for the past two weeks and I'm running out of ideas. A hardware modification seems inevitable at this point, the question is just where to perform the smallest mod possible getting rid of this insane sleep consumption.


      Any hints are appreciated!