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    Install Question as Multiply Creators Appear ?



      I just received my CY8CKIT-030 and I am using Windows 7.


      When I installed the Creator from the DVD, I got a shortcut to an old version (2.3) on my desktop, and within the windows programs, I found creator version 3.2 (?) but no shortcut. In addition, the start page has "script" errors.


      New to the game here, after I load the program from my DVD, should I update all with the "update manager " ?


      For the Keil software, what is the mod needed for windows 7 ? Is it to just remove the _ ?


      If I add the latest new beta version, will the old versions be still present ?


      Where is the version 3.2 (?) shortcut for the desktop ?


      I removed all the cypress software and will restart once I know what to do...