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    Can't debug applications, ble_trace issue



      I have   problem with debugging applications. I don't get messages from module when using  ble_trace commands.

      Isn't working for all demo applications included into WICED Smart SDK.


      Strange is that I don't get any activity  on UART HCI_TX,HCI_RX module (chip) pins when application is running - checked with oscilloscope.





      Projects building and loading  works fine. In the loading stage can be observed activity on HCI port (as expected).


      Is there a special setting into IDE to enable debug - trace feature ? I missed something else?  


      I'm using the last WICED smart IDE.

      I have configured : Trace->Com port setup:Use COM port last used for download  and activated Trace->Start Receive Debug Traces.


      I tried  with two different boards, WICED sense kit and Anaren msdk1 board. Both with BCM20737. Same negative result on both.


      Thank you very much for your help.



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          Have you followed the procedure to enable traces which is described in the The specified item was not found. ?


          Note here that the traces are now encoded since the released of this guide, so many cannot get external traces to work using a terminal emulator program.  The SDK's built-in trace plugin will unencode them for you.


          All of this is described here: Scrambled output via serial port (bypass encoded trace output)

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            Try the tracing on the tag3 and follow mwf_mmfae's link for furthur configuration.


            You should be able to activate on your IDE by clicking the tab "Trace"->"Start Debug Traces"

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              something started to work.


              My procedure to get the messages from WICED Sense tag is:


              -Take out button battery from tag. Module is now off.


              -Connect it to PC via USB cable. Module is ready to being programmed.


              -Program it. 


              -Disconnect tag from the USB cable.


              • - Put in coin battery. Now software starts with sending debug streams  J


              - connect tag again to PC with USB cable.


              - Press button (IDE) Star receiving debug traces. Messages are on the screen!


              It is a painful process. WICED Sense tag has reset button on the same side as is slot for the button battery. To reset the tag when it is supplied with battery you have to drill a hole in the plastic enclosure or put out and in battery.  So I simplified process in this way:


                • Changed R12 (0E) with 1k one. This resistor is between TXD_ECI pin and UART RX.
                • Soldered push button (RX PB) on wires parallel to R6 – RX pin and GND (to have possibility to put RX pin in low state during reset).


              Now my debug process is:


                • Press Reset push button (Tag is on USB connected to PC)
                • Program tag.
                • Into IDE press: Start receiving debug trace.
                • Press and hold PB to keep RX low then press reset PB SW1.
                • Release reset PB. Then release RX PB.



              I’m wondering why messages are not sent out from the tag when application starts after being loaded into tag?


              I don’t understand where the difference is between “cold” and “hot” start. In both cases application is the same…


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                I think sense cannot support debug trace although I am aware of some rework threads in this forum. Check out the below thread as I thought the steps are somewhat similar to yours.



                how to get debug traces ?

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