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    difference between cx3 uvc demo and fx3 uvc demo


      Dear Sir,


      I had successfully customize CX3 UVC demo for my new sensor, and I plan to upgrade its payload to faster fx3 by adding a FPGA bridge which convert mipi-csi2 to AN75779 referred.


      I download AN75779 demo code , and compare it with cx3 uvc demo code, it is very confused why these two uvc demo have a lot of difference their codes. for example, a standalone EP0 thread is created for dealing with UVC setup command in AN75779.


      We know CX3 is a special case of AN75779 ,which a csi2 to parallel chip  is embedded and only 24 bit bus width(max) is supported, compared with fx3, it can support 32bit bus width.


      Does Cypress plan to merge these two uvc codes into one UVC demo?





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          Hi David,


          For now we don't have a plan to merge these two firmware. But we have taken a note of this and would update the AN75779 app note code because the CX3 code architecture is better than app note code. Assume you want to stall a GET_CUR for brightness as the sensor/ISP is not ready to give the proper value. Then stalling this request is not possible as we handle GET_CUR for brightness in an event and not in the setup call back (Where we can have an option to stall the request).