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    Ghost Components in PSoC Creator


      I'm having a very weird problem in PSoC Creator.


      I had placed a Debouncer component, "Debounced_CRSTX" in my TopDesign schematic. Later, I deleted that component. When I try to build, I get this:


      PsOC Creator.png

      Errors 1-6 refer to things that I deleted.


      So I delete the TopDesign.cysch file, get the old one from my GIT repository. Same error. Then I delete every generated file, and try again. Same thing. This doesn't make any sense... this component and the associated nets were only in this project for about ten minutes this morning, and yet, they seem permanent. This is a pretty serious bug in the system. I image I can completely re-create the project an have these not appear any longer, but that should not be necessary.


      Screen shot of the full project is attached. Never mind the C-code errors, not the problem.