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    capture OV4688's 1440x1440x90FPS (RAW8) over CX3


      we are using the OV4688, and want to stream 1440x1440x90FPS RAW8 (Bayer) over the CX3, over a 4-lane MIPI bus, and hopefully utilize the 24-bit GPIF bus.


      1. Can the GPIF "triple up" a RAW8 data type from MIPI to fit onto its 24-bit bus?

      2. What format would I tell the OV4688 to output? RAW8? A YUV flavor? What would help? I don't mind converting formats on the PC receiving side. Can we basically "lie" for the MIPI output format in order to achieve double or tripled-up output?

      3. What format would I tell the UVC section to output?

      4. If the PCLK maxes out at 100Mhz, then unless we can double or triple up pixels across the GPIF bus, or do "some kind of trickery", it seems that the above datarate would clock PCLK at 186Mhz (or something like that). Any advice?


      While I'm at it, can I just say right here: I don't understand Omnivision's TIMING_HTS. Don't understand what value you pick and how to calculate it. If you are familiar with it, please ping me and I will be so very grateful.