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    PSOC 6 BLE kit does not connect to USB


      I recently purchased the CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit from Mouser.  I connect the kit to my notebook using the supplied USB cable.  The red and orange LEDs light up solid.  The E-Ink display gives instructions about "PSoC 6 BLE UI Instructions".  After 20 seconds or so, orange LED turns off.  Red LED remains on in a dim state.


      I built the first project to blink the LED using the hardware mode (following the video by Alan Hawse).  The project builds successfully.  The Red LED turns off.  When I try to debug the project, I get an error:


      PSoc Creator Warning dbg.M0039

      There was an error running port acquire: Failed to Acquire Device.


      If I check my Device Manager Settings, the cypress kit enumerates as "KitProg2 USB-UART (COM3).


      If I check the driver details I get:

      Driver version, dated 7/19/2009.


      If I try to update the driver, it tells me the latest driver is already installed.


      Any ideas on how I can get this working?




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          Hi Max,


          The PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) enumerates as a USB Composite Device as shown in the below image. If you are seeing same, then there are no issues with the driver installtion. Note that the 'KitProg2 USB-UART (COM#)' is used for UART communication and not for programming.



          Please check the whether the Switch and Jumper on your kit are in their default position (as shown in the below image) and try programming the kit and see if are able to program/debug the PSoC 6 device successfully.


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            Thank you for the reply.

            In my case, the kit does not enumerate as a USB Composite Device.

            However, changing the position of SW7 caused the kit to work.

            Thank you very much for the response.