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    What should Rd1 (on CCG2) resistance measure when unpowered?

      I am using the unpowered CY4521 (configured as a dongle) for development.  When attaching the CY4521 to my DFP it never establishes a valid connection.  The DFP power cycles Vbus every 2 - 3 seconds and the CY4521 never responds.  I did some troubleshooting and measured the resistance of  the unpowered CY4521 - CCG2 Rd1 to ground.  I expected about 5.1K ohms.  (See CCG2 Data sheet, figure 2 DB Rd direct attach to Rd1 pin.  Also see, table 24, SID.PD.5, 5.1K ohms).  I measure several hundred K ohms from Rd1 to GND.  Is this correct?