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    Using BT_HOST_WAKE to wake the host...


      Question: Is it possible to use BT_HOST_WAKE without putting the 20706 to sleep?


      Answer: Yes, this is the intended use-case. The BT_HOST_WAKE pin is utilized so that the host can go to sleep, while the 20706 stays active and only wakes the host when it has data to send.


      Question: If the device is in deep sleep, can it be awaken through Bluetooth on the 20706?


      Answer: The host can enter whatever mode it wants as long as it will respond to an interrupt on the BT_HOST_WAKE line. The BT_HOST_WAKE line will be asserted on HCI communication.


      Question: Regarding low power sleep on the 20706 and sleeping between BLE advertising intervals, what happens to BT_HOST_WAKE pin?


      Answer: The BT_HOST_WAKE pin should be unaffected by ADV. If sleeping in between advertisements, the 20706 will run off the LPO and wake itself when it needs to transmit the next advertisement. No data needs to be conveyed over HCI if you are strictly advertising, however, if in connectable state, connection events will cross the HCI bus.