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        Hi all!

        I know this thread is old and dead, but I'd like to share my "solution" to this problem for everyone having same issue today:


        I was also looking for a simple SW-only solution, and here it is: Just call the _Init(); function of the timer PRIOR to the (re)start.

        The init will reset the timer (start calls init only the very first time!).

        Oh, and use the TC-Pin as output.


        That's it! You got a simple, SW-controlled OneShot-Timer with minimal HW-ressources.


        I hope someone will find this helpful and Cypress will one day mention this in the Datasheet...

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          Hi Christian.

          When I need to restart a timer I usually write a zero into the period register using the appropriate API. Works with counters too.




          Are you living in Germany? I am located near Bremen.

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            Hi Bob!

            Does wirting a zero also reset a OneShot FF-Timer?

            Going further, I'm using now the interrupt output, and restart the timer with the init-function only. Nice thing is, this way the you get a delayed "high" output wich persists until you call init - great for "windowed interrupts"!


            Actually yes, I'm living in Germany...near Lindau (am Bodensee), so quite far away




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