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    PSoC 4 "Unknown Device" Silicon ID 0x0BB11477

      Dear all PSoC fans,


      I am having a problem when connecting to a PSoC 4® chip that I am using in a project. Apparently the MiniProg 3® connects to the PSoC and reads something as shown on the picture attached. I have 5 boards using a PSoC4 (CY8C4245AXI-473) but only one of them had connected properly to the Miniprog and the PSoC Creator. All of the others ar showing the same issue where the Cypress ID is 0x00001193 but one that shows 0xBEEF1193. Sometimes the PSoC Creator detects a valid PSoC4 chip, but when I try to program it just say that the connection failed or was unable to erase the flash.


      Have you guys know what is happening? Did I fry the PSoCs?