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    Ganging pins on a BLE module

      We do need to power a device with 5V 20mA using a BLE module (014008). The TRM mentions that maximum output current per pin is 20mA but when setting a pin that option is not available - maximum is 10mA




      So we are implementing pin-ganging but it gets a bit 'mistycal' because when ganging pins and setting Output current to 10mA (as above) I will get a builder error - need to leave the minimum setup that is 8mA and it builds OK - but that it will cost 3 pins (3 * 8mA = 24mA) to get the minimum 20mA - questions:

      • what is the best way to get 20mA sink current in an Output pin(s)?
      • Why there is no option for 20mA sink current?
      • How can I be sure that in the long run (production) that will not damage the PSoC (heating/etc)


      Guidance will be appreciated




      Joe Rosa

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          There is a difference between the 4 / 8 mA and the 20mA max. a pin supplies:

          The selected logic level is maintained when the pin's current is within the 4/8 mA range. When drawing 20mA this is the absolute max rating. To be on the safe side you may use two pins ganged. The maximum current for the package listed under "absolute max rating" in datasheet may not be exceeded.