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    HDMI Source of "HDMI Alt mode for USB Type-C"




      I would like to consider HDMI Source of "HDMI Alt mode for USB Type-C".
      Please tell me how to obtain this F/W.
      Also, what kind of obstacles are involved in incorporating into products?



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          Hi Kenji,


          1. The HDMI SOURCE of HDMI Alt Mode for Type-C is not includes in standard SDK. Since Cypress only customize HDMI ALT Mode internal and support end customer's project directly. If you could like to design such project, please kindly contact local Cypress with project requirements.

          2. I do not understand the second question, since HDMI ALT Mode is one of Alt SPEC for Type-C port, it is same as DisplayPort. But the HDMI SPEC is specify to HDMI1.4a. Kindly let me know if you have any clarify about this question.


          Best Regards,