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    Creator Error prj.M0144




      I'm trying to duplicate a PSoC5 project in the same workspace, I've done this many times (Copy/Paste/Rename), but this time, I'm getting a prj.M0144 pop-up errori (invalide target type). What's the meaning of this message and where is the culprit?



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          You are getting this error at what stage means while pasting or renaming. Can you please provide us the workspace to look into the issue

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            Hi Ank,


            Thx for replying.


            Getting it as soon as I'm pasting.


            I've worked around by 'Saving as ...' but this error msg is unusual.


            Sharing the workspace possible but only thru a case or a private address, protection requested by my customer.



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              Hello Michel,


              Please see your project folder's structure within workspace is correct.Means to say I have seen this case with a customer when all his existing .cydsn project files were not inside the Workspace folder, but were outside, he was constantly getting errors while renaming projects.

              Can you make a new workspace and copy all the required projects into that workspace and then see if this problem on Copy-Paste is coming or not in that.




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                No way, even creating a brand new workspace and copying the existing project into it.

                The copy/paste led me to the same pop-up error.


                I'm working on a second PC so it's not a computer-related problem (W10 & Creator 4.1 Update 1 on both).


                All the .cydsn are in the same main folder (I mean File System hierarchy), and in Creator under the workspace explorer tree, the current workspace seems to hold all the necessary files.


                Should I open a case to send you the project ?


                Best regards,



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                  Hi Antika,


                  Sorry, impossible to drop you an email into your box (w/ or w/o an attached file), the Cypress email server refused and rejected all my outgoing mails.


                  Will open a case next week, please stay tuned.