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    bluetooth tethering with CY8CKIT-042 BLE



      Can somebody tell me if and how it is possible to get the CY8KIT-042 BLE kit acting as a Bluetooth tethering device? I would like to connect an Android device via Bluetooth to the kit and let the kit send all the data to an IP network. Sending data to and receiving data from the IP network is not an issue, but getting data out of the Android device is.


      I have studied and tried the BLE_IPSP Node and BLE_IPSP_Router examples with PSocCreator 4.1, but the IPSP does not seem to be the right profile for this. When running the IPSP Router example on the kit, the Android device does not see the Bluetooth device. When running the Node example, it is visible for the Android device and it can connect to it, but no data is send from Android to Bluetooth.


      So i wonder if i am looking in the right direction or not. It would be great if somebody could give me some directions.