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    Using the low power example code (deep sleep) with the PROC 4 module (CYBLE-022001-00), I'm only achieving a low power mode current of about 500 micro amps, I was expecting to go down to only a few micro amps

      Hi, I've used one of the low power code examples, putting the node in deep sleep mode between each communication, and I was expecting to see a consumption of a few micro amps during that time, but I'm observing about 500 micro amps as the base consumption. As I am already putting the debug pins as GPIO to reduce the power consumption, the debug is very limited, any tip on how to debug in this case? What could be using 500 micro amps when not receiving or transmitting? This is the scope screenshot, what is worrying me is the base value, because the higher consumption part is only 2.8ms long, the base value will have the highest impact on the battery usage and I need to reduce it to a few micro amps. I've already removed all the additional HW, so the battery is only powering the CYBLE-022001-00 module directly through a 10 ohm resistor (to measure the current with the scope) ferrite beads and decoupling capacitors (2 x 1uF).


      Any tip will be very welcome :-)


      Best regards