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    component editing, how to?


      I have downloaded and read the component author's guide.  (http://www.cypress.com/file/137436/download )


      It has a beautiful sentence in it:

      Note You can also select  Add Existing from the pull-down menu to select an existing symbol file  to add to the Component


      That is all it says.  The dialog demands I know where you keep the library I want to import components from.  About an hour of searching Google yielded nothing.  I drilled down into the Program Files -> Cypress -> PSoc Creator -> 4.1 -> PSocd Creator -> psoc -> content -> CyComponentLibrary, but there is not a library there (that the dialog recognizes.)


      I am having to do this because emFile works on one of our boards with an SDCard, but not on another, whose only difference is pin port.  Unfortunately, that component is totally opaque, there is no source code for the library, and customers are demanding the product.  No worries, I can always find a new job.


      Signals look the same on a 100 mhz digital oscilloscope.  Heck, the same SDCARD works on my computer, and appears to respond on that sd card board holder with the working board, but refuses to respond on another board.  Both have psoc5lp devices in them.


      We are suspecting there is something about the pins chosen, setup of the pins may matter.  So I want to edit the component to look at pins and how they were set up.


      I have actually done this under 3.3 before, but under 4.1, it appears to be much, much more difficult.


      I can't throw my computer through the window, but it is becoming a severe temptation.  Maybe I can move to a microchip device, but the learning curve will get me.

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          Source code of Emfile component Library is provided by Segger.

          emFile - Embedded File System | SEGGER - The Embedded Experts

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            I believe what you are looking is to import the component and see the pins settings.



            Jobin GT

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              Hi Ank,


                  I guess you don't understand.   The PSoC Creator component has two parts.  The first part is the symbol, which is a façade for the information behind it.  This information includes pins, various pieces written in verilog source code, and (possibly) C source code for the Cortex arm processor.  This information is hidden inside the "component," but the PSoC documentation indicates that components can be edited.  I have done that in the past with previous versions of PSoC Creator.  However, that ability is more difficult with PSoC Creator 4.1, I am trying to find out how to look at a component verilog, pins, etc. 


                In the case of the "emFile" component, it also has a third party, proprietary, library that is linked with the project using the linker loading a third party library, set in the Build properties.  I am well aware that Cypress does not have that source code.


                I am well aware that Segger owns and has hidden the source code to this component.  I can obviously infer that the library source code was not part of the licensing agreement that Cypress signed with Segger.


                 I want to be able to edit the component, not look at the library source code.


                I hope this information helps you, Ank.

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                Thank you Jobin!


                That was *exactly* what I was looking for!