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    Fail downlaod CYUSB3304 config file with I2C slave mode from external I2C master

      When I use CYUSB3304-68LTXC in i2c slave mode, I cannot download the firmware and configure data via the I2C interface, I use an external CPU LS1021 as the I2C master.


      1. Config file generated by hx3 blaster plus tool.
      2. External i2c maser is nxp ls1021 processer, run Linux OS.
      3. I2C slave addr 0x60.


      4. Attached is the test file and waveform about the I2C line and osc;


      I read the reference web: http://www.cypress.com/knowledge-base-article/ez-usb-hx3-i2c-slave-mode-operation-kba90943, but I am confused  by :


      1. "START bit 0xC0, 0x00, 0x00, 0x43, 0x59, 0x30, 0xD4, 192, bytes of buff[5-196], STOP BIT". Why this address is 0xC0 but not 0x60 as described in datasheet;


      2. Is there is any detail document about how to configure HX3 use the I2C slave mode with an external I2C master?