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    Disabled components still give error regarding multiple drivers




      it seems that disabling a component in the schematic doesn't disable its corresponding outputs. So, PSoC Creator will throw an error regarding multiple drivers if you connect the related signals to other outputs and therefore, the project can't be build.

      I wonder if this is intended behaviour. For a electronic circuit layout software, you can give no error markers, for example. Or you can state that only one of those devices will be fitted.

      Now, I don't know if this should be also the case from a hardware design language point of view. Therefore I want to ask you what you think about having the outputs really disabled for disabled components. Depending on you opinion we can file a support case to change this behavior.


      I know that I can work with virtual (de-)muxers, however, if you want to try something out (and this maybe quick-n-dirty), you don't want to additionally use those muxers in the schematic. That's why I think that disabled components should also disable the outputs.