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    On the VBATT pin problem

      Hi Cypress Community,


      I am designing with the Cypress CYUSB3014. My question is whether the VBATT pin of FX3 must be connected to the power supply in hardware design, can I'm not connect it?




      Thanks for any help!



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          Hi Bruce,


          VBATT pin can be left not connected if not used.





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            Here is a problem on the BBS see solutions, VBATT not connection affect the JTAG use, I want to ask, will not affect the USB device enumeration.


            The JTAG interface of FX3 does not work if the VBATT pin is not connected to a power supply. Although the JTAG interface is powered by the VIO5 supply domain, the internal architecture of the chip requires that the VBATT pin also be supplied with a valid power source.The underlying requirement here is that the USB domain of FX3 be powered. In bus-powered designs, it will be powered via VBUS; in self-powered designs, it needs to be powered via VBATT.