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    Identify PSOC Part on DVK Board


      It would be a nice feature if either in device catalog or by detection,


      when adapting another users project, the device can be readily


      identified when changing device in supplied project to DVK board


      the new user is going to run it on. Or a highlight/additional column, in device


      catalog, signifying that device was used on DVKxx.




      Right now its a magnifying glass to look at P/N or the users manual


      has to be opened. Tedious.




      Regards, Dana.

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          The same would also be true if there was a view in pins, for a specific DVK board,


          indicating what pins were committed (and their function) on board, what ones uncommitted.




          Just a  thought. Real handy when evaluating a board and not having to track down on a


          schematic what pins are pre-committed.




          Regards, Dana.

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            I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for here. Is the problem that you get a project from another user and you do not know what part it targets? Or is it that you want to switch to the "kit part" and so you have to open the Device Selector and hunt for the CY8C5868AXI-LP035? That is a pain because there are hundreds of them so it would be good if we highlighted parts that go on kits with either a new column or a background color?


            Are you also saying that you have not memorized all our part numbers and cannot instantly pattern match the one you want out of a list of 220+ parts???


            -- Mark.

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              Say I get a project from anyone, and I need to retarget it to the


              -050 board I have. So now I get out my magnifying glass and


              read a faded part number off the DVK board. Done, but finding


              my mag glass takes 2 centuries of effort and time.




              Alternative, I leave my mag glass in wherevere it is, load the project,


              and change the part to the part highlighted in the device catalog


              that is for a -050 DVK. Done, it a minute or so.




              Regards, Dana.

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                The pins. If the project is using the part number attached to


                a DVK board, when I diddle with the project, say add a pin, or just


                using the DVK to start a new project, some pins on DVK are pre


                comitted, like pin attached to a button on DVK, or pin attached to LED


                on DVK. It would be nice if I am using the project as a start to a new


                design, or just diddling with the project, that when I add a pin to project


                Creator, knowing this is a DVK board, pops up in pin view an additioanl


                 piece of info, if comitted already what it is comitted to, or generally


                available for use.




                Now we have to dig out schematic, and trace headers/package pin assignments


                to see if we can use a specific pin.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  OK - highlighting the DVK parts would be the solution then. It's a good idea and I'll try to get it considered. One thing that is hopefully coming soon is the ability to program kit parts with projects targeting "smaller" devices. We put "big" parts on kits and so this lets you build for your actual target but test it out on the DVK with the LP035 kit.


                  I also agree on the DVK pin issue. It would be great to be able to tell the tool what kit you have (or even be able to define your own HW) and for it to guide you to good pin selections as a result. It would be like adding a mask over the pin selection DWR page. Another good one for the roadmap.


                  Thanks for the good suggestions!


                  -- Mark.